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Ellen Yu

Ellen YuEllen Yu

A community for healthy eating

Poverty among seniors is on the rise: Since 2008, food banks have seen the number of elderly people coming through their doors increase by nearly 25%. One idea to help was our Seniors’ Community Kitchen pilot project.

Located in our Seniors’ Activity Centre, the Community Kitchen recruited peer leaders like Ellen Yu to give more than 100 seniors access to healthy food and increase their knowledge of nutrition. The two-hour sessions included free meals, cooking demonstrations, healthy take-home snacks and the opportunity to share traditional recipes with reduced sugar, salt and fat.

“It makes me happy to learn from other people. We learned how to make Italian pizza, Korean sushi and Spanish paella. And how to use healthy ingredients – I made Sheppard’s pie with quinoa and avocado.”

The project also encourages volunteerism, teamwork and social interaction. For Ellen, the Community Kitchen gave her the opportunity to share what she knows and help other seniors.

“Everyone is here for one purpose. When you need help, we are here.”

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