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Getting out the vote

Getting out the voteGetting out the vote

Disenfranchised voters learned how they could speak out and make a difference in elections

What issues matter to you the most? Public transit? Health care? Affordable housing? With both the Ontario and Toronto elections happening in 2018, people had the chance to speak with their votes.

But people who are unaware or apathetic lose their chance to make their voices heard. That’s why getting out the vote is so important. By encouraging people to get involved, we can help them take charge of their lives.

We held election workshops where we explained the importance of elections and how they work, staged mock elections, distributed thousands of posters, postcards and pamphlets, and even escorted people to the polling stations. And in August, we held a Social Change picnic where people could learn about the city election and the issues, and to speak about what mattered to them.

Up next? The 2019 Federal election…

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