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Mr. Wei

Mr. WeiMr. Wei

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Mr. Wei knew there would be an adjustment when he came to Canada in 2003. His children and grandchildren helped with the transition but when Mr. Wei and his wife moved to the west-end, his children weren’t always available. Thankfully, St. Stephen’s was just around the corner.

“My wife and I started taking English classes, and then got help with government forms from the St. Stephen’s Senior Services staff where we live at Leonardo Court. They told us about the different programs at the Senior Activities Centre. That was back in 2009. We’ve been coming ever since.”

Mr. and Mrs. Wei loved the cooking classes at the Centre and trips to Ottawa and St. Jacobs. But what really excited him were the computer classes. “I wanted to learn for a long time. My nephew showed me a little but I could never remember.”

Thanks to generous funding from the Ministry of Seniors Affairs, seniors in the classes had a special trainer and laptops to help them learn the basics like hardware/software and keyboarding. But the fun part for everyone is the internet. “I like catching up on the news from China. And I search things on Google, like where to go for my physiotherapy.”

The hardest part? “Typing. I used to type with one finger. Now I can use both my hands. But I still have to look at the keyboard.”

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