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Russell Conroy

Russell ConroyRussell Conroy

Trusting us, trusting yourself

Russell Conroy knows all too well just how far you can fall. “I had it all, a house, cars, clothes. Everything but peace of mind. I started to drink and walked away from everything, spending the next twenty years living in shelters, in a haze of drugs and alcohol.”

When Russell arrived at the Corner Drop-in, he had just moved into supportive hous­ing but was still struggling. He heard about the Financial Trustee Program and decided to give it a shot.

“I thought having that ex­tra barrier in place could help stop me buying drugs. And it has. My worker pays the rent and gives me gift cards for food. And there’s even a little bit left over for movies and things. The Program saved me from myself.”

“The Corner saves people’s lives. I know at least ten of these people would be dead. But they’re not. The Corner gets people off the street and keeps them there. I’m proof of that.”

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