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Suhail Abbas

GameChangersSuhail Abbas

Clarity through conflict

The GameChangers program helps young people understand the nature of their conflict and learn how to deal with it in a constructive way. Suhail Abbas started in the program as part of a school incident but continued to understand his behaviour and the consequences of his actions while participating in our Extra Judicial Sanctions program after a referral from the judicial system.

“Working with the GameChangers program really changed how I see the world, and more importantly, conflict itself. I used to think that conflict was solely negative but then I started to understand how the outcomes shape whether the conflict will be positive or negative. It was like playing chess. If I could somehow get the outcome I wanted, maybe the conflict itself wouldn't be so unmanageable. I started writing reflection pieces during my court-mandated hours. That really highlighted how the community can be affected from just one person and how reflecting itself brought so much clarity. I got to make a real connection with people I can really trust. I hope that more youth that are in my position and reach out to St. Stephen's to continue learning and growing within the community.”

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