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Urban Health and Homelessness Services

Trustee Programs

Our Trustee Programs help participants with a history of substance use and homelessness by providing money management assistance. The goal is to facilitate an improved, independent lifestyle. Some examples of financial assistance include making weekly deposits to your bank account to better ensure that money lasts a whole month;going with you when you shop to help you make sure you get what you need, and setting up your rent payments. The Program also provides holistic case management services.

We have three different options within the Trustee Program.

Harm Reduction Program

Our Harm Reduction Program helps provide and maintain stable housing for participants with severe substance use issues. Participants must have a history of homelessness or be marginally housed, have an ongoing substance use issue, and want to get/maintain stable housing.

Voluntary Trustee Program

The Voluntary Trustee Program provides follow-up support services for participants referred through the city of Toronto's Streets to Homes program.

TCAT Trustee Program

This program provides voluntary financial trusteeship services to participants who are enrolled and receive services through the Toronto Community Addiction Team (TCAT).

For more information, please contact our Case Management Coordinator at 416-925-2103 x 2259