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Services for pregnant women

Pregnant Women

Due to social distancing from the COVID-19 pandemic, our services are currently only available online, by phone, or by email. Please see our list of currently-available services here.

St. Stephen's Community House works with other social and health organizations to offer free drop-in services for pregnant women and new mothers. The programs are a great place to meet and make friends with other pregnant women from your neighbourhood. Drop-ins are also the place to talk with settlement workers about your needs as a newcomer to Canada.

How can the free programs help me?

You may speak to nurses, dieticians and community workers about pregnancy, labour and delivery, feeding your baby, breastfeeding and other parenting topics.

There are weekly programs in several different locations, and you may continue for up to six months after your baby is born. After you graduate, we will connect you with appropriate parenting programs. We provide translation for these programs in English, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Spanish, and can provide interpreters for other languages.

You may also receive TTC tickets, gift cards for food, snacks and child care during the drop-in.

You can also see a list of useful online resources.

There's a program near you. For more information about services and locations, please contact us.

Portuguese and English

Maria Santos Findlay
416-925-2103 x 1237

Mandarin, Cantonese and English

Yvonne Tang
416-925-2103 x 1264

Spanish and English

Rosa Garcia
416-925-2103 x 1236