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Community Mediation

A disagreement with a neighbour, roommate, family member, or someone else, can create stress in your life and make you angry or afraid. Conflicts that are left unresolved or are poorly managed often get worse.

Our community mediation service helps you change the way you communicate during conflict and provides a new approach to conflict resolution. Since 1985, we have handled more than 5000 cases and helped participants come to an agreement 75% of the time.

In some of those cases, your matter might be in court where the Crown might suggest your case be dealt with “by way of mediation” on a Restorative Justice basis. This is usually for Private Information Complaints where someone is asking for a Peace Bond, or on some minor Criminal matters where there is an identified victim. In these cases, the court may refer the situation to mediation, with the understanding that if it does not work out, they will proceed to evaluate the merits of the complaint and determine whether to proceed to a hearing.

Councillor Joe Cressy from Ward 20 Trinity-Spadina voiced his support for our Conflict Resolution and Training program at our 2016 30th anniversary celebration held in City Hall.
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